Видео: Honest Review Leatherman Free P2 Multitool

Middling Multitool: Leatherman Free P2 review

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Leatherman Free P2 “Phenomenal”

The Leatherman P2 finally arrived and it's amazing! I love it! I compare it to my Wave and my Surge. It's in the middle for size and ...

Leatherman Free P2 | Very Underwhelmed

My Unboxing & first impressions of the new Leatherman Free P2. This has been a highly anticipated release and innovation in the ...

Leatherman Free Series | P2 Multitool Review

The Leatherman Free Series multi-tools will seem very familiar. The key difference here is that, unlike older models like the ...

Leatherman Free P2 review, my2cents

It is a slimmer version of the P4. You loose the saw and serrated blade, yet you get something way slimmer with fancier scales on ...

Leather Free P2 review

In case you're on the fence, the P2 is a pretty solid tool.

Impressions: New Leatherman Free P2

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Overview: Leatherman FREE P2 & P4 Update

A closer look at the engineering behind the Leatherman FREE P2 and P4 and information regarding pocket clips for the P4.

New Leatherman Free P2 unboxing/first impressions. Victorinox Spirit Review and GAW

I unbox the new Leatherman P2 and then do a review of the Victorinox Spirit and then give one away!! Like, Subscribe and ...

Leatherman FREE in depth overview

in depth overview of the new Leatherman FREE P4.

The Leatherman Free P4 Multitool: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we'll take a look at a tool that may be the best made Leatherman ever, but which unfortunately is far from the best ...

Leatherman Free P4 Review. An Engineer's Perspective!!

The Free P4 is a spectacular multi-tool! Watch the video for the reasons why. The other version is the P2, not the P3 as mentioned ...

Leatherman FREE P2 & P4 Tips & Tricks : Tweezers Inside!

For those with big fingers, it will be enough to use a small object to extract the tweezers. I do not know where I get these little flat ...

Leatherman Free P2 vs. P4 (Update)

I received the P4 and I like it so much more than the P2. More comfortable in hand. I'll still modify a couple things I think. I know it's ...

Way Overpriced? Honest Review | Leatherman P4

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Update review more negatives for the Leatherman p4 free

After carrying for a week I'm finding more negatives.

Leatherman Free Series of Multi Purpose Tools

Say hello to the most advanced multipurpose tool ever made. Here we introduce Leatherman's new FREE series.

Leatherman FREE P2

Multi tools, Magnetic architecture, easy accessibility.

Which should you choose? The new Leatherman Free P4 vs Wave Comparison Review.

In 2019 Leatherman introduced their new every day carry Free series, starting with the P4 and P2. I bought the P4 and ...

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